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To Judge a Snake

Going to anyone except God for anything only affords occasions to fail to afford or qualify for what it is that you desire. Having to satisfy a standard set by the one we consider to be the source of that thing we need makes of satisfying that one TOO HUGE a deal. When the satisfaction of that one, whose satisfaction our livelihoods depend on, appears to demand too much and sustain ourselves feels to be more than it be worth, our own estimation of ourselves diminish and our ability to prove our value to ourselves suffers namely because the work required was too great for us. It looked like we failed at finding ourselves worth enough to make the sacrifices necessary for our happiness, but we'd been cajoled into believing our happiness would require our sacrifice! Jesus raised from the grave was God's receipt of that thing we desire to attain thinking it would depend on our own personal sacrifice.

What if someone steals something from some rich person and then offers to sell it to you at a price you agree to pay and you find that having paid that price, you were not given ownership of the stolen item but a share in the guilt of it's original thief, whose "work" we paid for the right to share in the benefits of.

That our own satisfaction would be delayed until that one presenting themselves as possessing in themselves that thing we desire determines us worthy PROVES our having been deceived from our present share of total and complete inclusion in EVERY blessing in GOD! Jesus alone has the right to include others in the benefits of His name, and only His Father determines who he will connect with and allow to be included in sonship with Him and inherit His share of ownership. 

Only The Son of God can give access to God legally apart from our works, and if someone were to make you work for it, they exploit you because anybody who has any relationship whatsoever with The Law knows that the purpose of the law is to make all men see the extent of their own wickedness and that by it, righteous standing, health, wealth, and all of the pleasures of life are but LEASED to people, their right to these things DEPENDENT upon their continued ALLEGIANCE to THE TERMS of the agreement. You do your part, and in turn, you get to enjoy the blessings! That slave relationship was innovated by Satan's deception of eve, the first one cajoled into laboring for the right to experience blessings God already freely included her in from the beginning!

However, today it's as if the religious world defends the ownership rights of theives! I've heard many pastors say that Satan got power over the Earth "fair and square" because Adam "gave it to him". What a crock of Baloney! Adam was not deceived when he took the fruit from eve, because the Serpent wasn't clever enough to trick a man made in God's image, however, because of God's love manifest in Adam, he willing emptied himself of that which Eve had been stripped of by taking the Serpent's bait, and he entered into death with her so that she would not be alone. He made his bed in hell, out of hope that she would continue to remain in Tzadok and in love with him, even if not for his better but for his worse until the day comes when The One who Loved ADAM with the same love with which he loved Eve likewise entered Adam's condition and redeemed him in just the same way Adam entered Eve's condition in an attempt to save her from the "not good" of being alone.

In God's coming, in Jesus, to where Adam was, right here on Earth from Heaven, everything in God likewise came to dwell where Adam (and Eve) then laid. When the exalted one came to the Earth, He exalted the Earth by having taken claim of it, unveiling Heaven right here on Earth by His presence among us and through His dismantling and public exposure of the illegitimacy of any THIEF'S claims to anything he possess. All the goods and property he acquired by deception still belong to their ORIGINAL owner! "The Earth is The Lord's and the fullness there-of."

Indeed, it appeared to be by deception that Jacob snared Esau's blessing, but as Issac told Esau, what can man do against a blessing ratified by God? If God allowed Issac to be blessed over his brother Esau, what difference did it make if Issac personally sought to gain the blessing by his own cunning? God was the one who gave Jacob the desire for the blessing and who permitted him to receive it! That Jacob later felt confused as to whether it was his mothers doing, the prank, his own participation in it or self-righteousness stances towards Esau that justified his having taken the blessing instead of him, so it wasn't until he WRESTLED with God Himself and received his blessing DIRECT from HIM, in the form of a brand new name, that the dilemma that defined Jacob's life came to a close and the life of Israel Began.

Satan's deception of Eve and Eve's subsequent spiritual confusion as to whether she has the right to stomp out the servant given that she willing consented to the Serpent's deception... blind to what God Himself always saw and knew which is that THE SERPENT and NOT EVE was responsible for SIN! God crucified THE SERPENT and judged him, but here we all remain! Like the flood's effect on those who were alive in the Ark, the waters of judgement have subsided and what needed to be judged WAS judged and only the innocence in us remains. Why? Because the one who set the trap for the sheep and distracted them away from the Good Shepherd has been held accountable and we have been redeemed, our innocence assured and our deliverance from alienation is complete. -f
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