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Giving Up [The Christ Accomplished Work of Redeeming Your Soul]

Since the price of redeeming him is too costly, one should forever stop trying-- Psalm 49:8 HCSB

Mankind can never redeem himself or his brother. You can't forgive your own self or separate your own self from sin. Only the way God sees us, in the light of the eternal consequence of Jesus' finished act of redeeming mankind with His own life, removes sin from your knowledge of God and yourself. Our blindness is cured as He is revealed in Jesus as equally true of us and God, restoring to us our sense of equal-value. Humanity could never redeem themselves or one another because in order to rightly assess an individual's worth, one must first possess a properly calibrated scale. What is the accurate measure of a man? To define the standard by which a man is measured first requires an authentic blueprint intent of God's design of man. God's original intent is the gold-standard backing the value of the human being. One must be intimately acquainted with himself as reveale…

Milk Man

…8For all the tables are full of filthy vomit, without a single clean place. 9"To whomwould He teachknowledge,And to whomwould He interpretthe message?Those just weanedfrom milk?Those just takenfrom the breast?10"For He says, 'Order on order, order on order, Line on line, line on line, A little here, a little there."
I know He would teach me, a man separated from womb and bosom, taking me in and teaching me of His womb and of His bosom. Little by little, one by one, in waves of ever increasing detailed strokes of His tongue, He speaks from Himself while within us, bringing light to everything pertaining us, loving us, redeeming our image of the world by it's unveiling from the perspective of the One who created it!

A Reasonable Hope for Men

There is a God. He chose to reveal Himself to Jews and to us as a Righteous Jew who died on all our behalf, thereby tearing down the dividing wall between Gentile and Jew, Unrighteous and Righteous, Dead and Living, Rich and Poor, Man and God, etc. In fact, His embrace of all mankind in Himself and His unveiling of Himself as equally image and likeness of God as we are in Jesus universally blessed, favored, and advantaged mankind! The fact of the matter is, I am not a Jew. By my Gentile birth, uncircumcised body, and my failure to perform any of the duties commanded of man by Mosaic Law, either intrinsically by conscience nor routinely in obedience to the Law of Moses, my only hope for engaging God would have to be Grace. I'm not a physical member of the family to whom He promised His favored blessing, meaning by law, there wouldn't be glory to my name and I wouldn't have Him to my advantage in life. By law, I was excluded. I had no dealings with Him. In me, God's role…

Under Represented?

We seek representation congruent to the size and scale of the inflicted wrong, however, how certain are we that we've rightly assessed the value of the thing wrong had been inflicted upon, let alone rightly assessed the charges? A scratch on a vehicle should demand the same punishment regardless of who it is who did it because the law of "do not scratch others" applies equally to all, regardless of who or what vehicle it was, the violation of the law still distinguishes the guilty party a "vehicle scratcher." What if you demanded more payment from a rich person who scratched an exotic sports car than from a poor person who scratched an old beat up Prius? Would you be a righteous judge?

Life Fruit

You can tell what kind of tree you're dealing with by identifying it's fruits. It's fruits are the most visible expression of each trees unique identity. Every fruit is different, though all descendant of seeds from their respective genus of trees, each fruit carries a unique name or signature, making each fruit meaningfully distinct. Fruits vary widely in color, shape, and flavor. Some, like dragon fruit, bare strikingly similarities to others, like kiwis, although visually opposite of one another! Yet I am sure there are many examples of fruit looking exactly like each-other while having wildly different flavors or material structures! The difference between two fruit of visible like-kind could be as great as the difference between life and death, as one fruit could be poisonous while another looking just like it could be healthy and life-giving! How then do you tell the difference between two virtually identical fruit which are indiscernible to the naked eye? Well, as k…