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It's YOU!

The Law and every stone-etched human governance system imaginable all share one glaring flaw: dependence on the belief of an assumed absence of sufficiency in ourselves!

That belief is the root of the fallen-mindset and the driver of all it's corruptions. Indeed, the temptation to believe the snake's lies about the absence of God's sufficiency are as subtle as they come. It's YOU, the One God made in His own image, who the accuser of God launches his accusations against!

When our consciences are afflicted by contradictions to our purity and wholeness in God's sight, by what authority are those accusations launched? We know it's certainly not by the authority of his own righteousness, the snake has none, so it's THE LAW itself that people find themselves condemned by. There's usually an incarnate person in their life representing acceptance by that law, some model who after having been measured up against, the snake seeks to make men aware of their "otherness" with, enslaving them to a sense of strangeness, subjection, inferiority anytime the one with the appearance of being in possession of that thing you lack appears. For Jews it's Moses, for Gentiles it's whoever happens to be holding the stick. 📢📢

Due to their failure to satisfy the requirements laid down by the righteousness of THE LAW, they no longer feel as though their claim to righteous innocence completeness or perfection are anymore backed by the Spirit of Truth. Even their own positive affirmations appear lifeless, empty, and dull... as these words are only as powerful as the measure of truth contained with them, and by our inclusion in that truth.

Ha Ha.

The good news in all this is that the SAME law that humans were condemned by TODAY testifies of their release from condemnation! Our failure to satisfy the law confirmed our guilt, and our response to the law's confirmation of our inclusion in the Messiah's sacrifice on behalf of all of the guilt of mankind, together worked to establish us in the presence of God. The one who's presence we once fled from due to the sin exposed by the light of the law, we now run towards with specific intent of being shown, by his light, how it is that we are still holy, righteous, innocent, without sin, flaw, shortcoming or fail.

Having to produce something out from within ourselves so that we may cleave to IT and be dependent on "it" lacks loves luster and suggests the presence of an insecurity in man towards the absolute sufficiency of God's design, which functions not in response to reading commands and instructions, but functions only in response ONLY to the law's fulfillment in Him by the work of Jesus-- His Spirit of Grace and Liberty ignites the Dance of Effortlessly Flawless Divine Spontaneity!

Laws and rules are diapers for prepubescent adults kidnapped into infancy by having accepted the old bait of counting another as being more highly endowed, privileged, favored, and blessed by God than yours truly. Having not originated from lustful striving but from love and contentment, we don't come from the agitation of unfulfilled longing, but from the peace of total rest in His peace and satisfaction with us. You wise Gods, Moses is for kids! -F


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