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Holy Mahal!

Any attempt by man to dislocate himself from the identity of sinful human flesh needlessly attempts to initiate an already active salvation!

Flesh and it's low "point of view" foolishly negate the reality of God's nature: His initiative, His passion, His grace, and ourselves as His finished work. We are His own image and likeness, and only people blinded by ignorance are separated from this truth, and not with any authority as the truth remains true, death remains defeated, sin remains a lie and God remains love!

Remember that it was specifically in the guise of "sinful" human flesh that God chose to reveal Himself in righteousness.

She saw in me the presence of everything that "should" exclude someone from righteousness, according to the law she'd been excluded from it by, but as I was not under that same law, I exhibited an innocence she'd never before seen! It was a freedom from HER law... not a rebellion against it (ie., not like a guy…
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Spirit Moan

Two sounds, only noise without the echo of God's approval of you as perfect: human applause and human jeers. You can elevate that to moans of pleasure and sighs of relief versus the cursed cacophony of exasperation (and the sense of self-entitlement communicated by it. Any hint of the law is like meeting a girl with just the "hint" of a penis... SHE ISN'T GRACE IF ANY OF HER IS UNDER LAW! So just as God our Father's own approval is what brought us forth in Jesus, by grace and from His seed, inherited His own eternally pre-existant approval as God Himself (rather than approval BY flesh which gains you approval AS flesh, FROM flesh!) Because we are FROM God (and not law or flesh), we are approved AS God, and our association with the likeness of sinful human flesh? Totally spoken for! What sound is more fulfilling than God's anaecho? Can head compete with bread? His approval is the LIVING bread but approval reduced to flesh (or rejection, shame, pride, boasting,…

The Failure to Change and Our Confirmation of Perfection

We've all tried to change ourselves for the better and failed. Before any of us did it, our parents did it, and the seed of their failure produced after it's own kind. Whether them or us, whatever benefit we thought we'd gain by succeeding [in our efforts to improve upon ourselves] bit us in the ass when failing to execute those steps excluded us from a right to participate in the experience of having whatever perfection was offered by it. That we never had to earn our perfection to begin with was made apparent by Jesus' revelation of God as our parent. Failing to qualify for Heavenly citizenship in the standing of Sonship meant that outside of the revelation of the grace of God, men would then have to "make peace" with not having a blessing (or settling for an inferior blessing from an inferior source for some inferior experience) which is the place of mind where glory is lost, where God's seal of approval over us seems absent, and where religion's p…

Hop on the Ark & Escape Motanui!

You were baptized in the name of The Father, Son, and Spirit. Your emergence from the waters of His immersive words has baptized you in a Spirit that has over-ruled, nullified, and voided the accumulated labels that once defined the human race from a merely human point of view.

No longer dissatisfied and unbelieving but totally satisfied by God, who endorses your likeness in Himself by His personal satisfaction of every claim attached to your life; you were ushered into His likeness. A history of living identified with a manifestation foreign to our design birthed a mindset that concluded in His death on the cross, where our differences were reversed by the revelation of our sameness with our Maker. Genesis' initial decree still stands. God called for and fully satisfied His own demand for a being equal to His own image and likeness, a Son worthy of carrying His name upon the Earth. It is finished!

Who owns the blueprint of the human design? It's inhumane for hu…

Shake the Hate!

Lets be honest about the major cause of the dis-ease we feel challenged by in our relationships with one another, specifically family: they are convinced that they need something that you and only you can give. The problem with that belief is that what's being communicated is that our fulfillment is in the realm of human works. Being grasped by someone who is outside of the knowledge of God in you is to be snared. They exclude themselves (and their image of your) from recognition or enjoyment of the things freely given you by God, simply because they've appointed you as the source and supplier of what you have. People out there were conditioned to, and are feeling justified in occupying, "spectator" mode, a state of wanting in regards to righteousness and it's rewards, revelling in one thing: making others (especially the one's professing goodness or any measure of personal adequacy) as being the responsible party over their needs, wants, and requests. Seeing…

A Fresh Revealing

"but it is in order that the world may know that I love the Father, and that it is in obedience to the command which the Father gave me that I thus act. Rise, let us be going."  John 14:31

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."
2 Tim 1:7 
"Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you [freely, as a gift]. I do not give to you as the world gives [reluctantly, as a sacrifice]. Do not let your hearts be troubled; do not be afraid." -John 14:27
His love does not indebt us to Him but is the revealing of how He willingly indebted Himself to us, freely enriching us as a gift!
He doesn't scratch our backs so we'd scratch His, but satisfying our wants is what satisfies His itch!

He is the satisfaction of our wants. What a relief that is to Him, mirrored in us! We co-sigh in relief.
Jesus wanted the world to know that He is the good shepherd (and not the hired man). In comparison to the slave-mother…

God to Father to Son

In an earlier discussion with Michele, it was made clear to me that when a person acquires new title, rank, or office in the context of human relationships, whatever associations and judgements we held concerning that title of rank or office get pinned onto the new holder of that title. For instance, if you've always hated nannies, then whoever contends for and acquires a position reminiscent of "nanny" in life, whether it be an overly cautious or protective accountant, lawyer, spouse, or manager in life, likewise inherits the "heat" built on that "title". They say the man makes the title, the title doesn't make the man. In truth, there's a relationship between the title and the man that can never be separated or broken.

In truth, the man and the title are one just as the Word and God are One; and when a new man takes the title once held by another, the life of the old title ends and a new line begins. A key word is "new man" becaus…