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Minority Blaster

Seeing eye to eye with the one above us confirmed our freedom from minority status.

Whenever a minority boasts that they "had to work "twice as hard" as everyone else in order to get where they are? I'm amazed at their blatant admission of disbelief in their God given equality with others!

One class higher, one class lower. That some foolishly believe this doesn't endorse our believing the same!

While most do consider themselves above at least certain others, if God doesn't agree likewise, what difference would it make to you? Through Jesus, we already know God considers us equal to Himself. His Truth is already in you. What separates you from anyone standing against you is simply this, that you've freely received God's faith in our equal standing as being a blessing and a gift.

If they deny His faith and insist on minority status, they boast in their relatively hard work, but I honestly don't see anything to boast in. Cain worked harder th…
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The Fall of Babylonian Baloney

God left no condition unsatisfied, so the drive to satisfy conditions can no longer be used to fuel mankind. If there's anything remaining "unkosher" for humanity, it's not in the realm of physical food or even our appearances or behavior, but what's to be avoided is a distorting man-made additive in the realm of the thought! That is the true leaven we need avoid, the true Gluten that Jesus proclaims Freedom from.

We are Gods. That is Final, as it's been from the Beginning. The only thing to be shunned and avoided, are things God's do not depend upon. What's to be shunned now is that very same thing that was once to be cleaved to and relied upon! It's not a sacrifice, it's the relief of what Apostle Paul described as "Cow-Dung" from having to be lugged around in our person ever again! 

Like an actor just moments after his show's final performance, it doesn't take any time at all to realize the old character he w…

Season of the Fall

God Doesn't Need Anything From Me, If He Did, He'd be Limited to what we could give apart from what He's given us, which is nothing! We have nothing He did not first give US. Why then do puppets and idols still somehow manage to pass themselves off as "Gods" in this world? God, in this world, practically speaking, would include any thing or anyone counted and esteemed by man as being as greater than man or that man considers his good fortune as depending upon. In today's world, that is one diverse bag of unsalted peanuts

This world's acceptance of just ONE false God figure subjects the entire race to an inferior definition than the One God gave us in Jesus. Anything flesh has ever produced that it touted as being greater than itself, or anything counted as being of greater importance or having seniority over the one producing it, taking seniority over the needs of their own flesh? ANYTHING produced by Flesh that's considered [by man] a…

Higher Belly

Eating something that's never defeated hunger is like relying on a human-programmed system to satisfy our desire for sustenance. From infancy, it wasn't milk alone that sustained us, but our awareness of being in the greater one's care. Casting all our cares on this one, we lived carelessly in their care, life beyond limits, beyond fears, beyond impossible. We can have the milk, and the meat but without every bite's association with the saucy marinade of coming from the greater one in whose care we are, it will forever remain less satisfying than even the rapidly fading memory of mommy's formula.
Whatever is able to be produced under law is only inspired by the law's own energy and intention. Everything produced under law references that law and exists to give expression to the law. The law is temporary. The law is dissatisfying, though it demands our satisfaction it is incapable for satisfying us.
 Anyone legally tasked with satisfying us fails to satisfy our…

Undiluted Life Juice

We were accepted into His life. It's not just "life", this space we occupy has an Owner. It's "His" life. We are alive in HIS life; He gave HIS life to us. Because Life is HIS, we thank Him for it. We're thankful for our inclusion in Him and for how that excludes us from ever being excluded. We're thankful for His giving specific definition to the nature of our union with Him so that we'd never be confused. He expresses His union with us in the union with Himself He eternally maintains as the man Jesus Christ..

Back in the B.C. days, we all thought it was all just "life". We let men define to us what life was and let grey-haired people dictate what it was all for. We all consented to all kinds of different weights and measures, but it always was our own to make of what we will. Life was in our hands, and it would be something for which we'd ultimately be proud or something by which we'd be ashamed in the end.

That old way of th…

New Wine Skin

The dissatisfied conditions of earthen vessels can't define us, there's nothing in this new-wine skin of ours to ever associate our bodies with any dissatisfied or dissatisfying condition. By our life-source having been revealed as being the Father of Jesus Christ, we are proven as not being under ANY of humanities' innumerable conditions.

The one condition of our eternal existence is now determined by the One who Himself is the Author and Possessor of Eternal Existence. He is the One who has the authority to give His Eternal Existence to whomever He chooses. He chose us. That this giving was based entirely on His choice and not at all based on our own satisfaction of some condition He'd demanded of us. He fulfilled the condition He sole demanded of us, that we be in His image and likeness, ruling and subduing all things on the Earth. Sending Jesus to the Earth as the defining member of humanity proves His Will is actively sustaining us and reduces the Law to the place…

Counterfeits Not Accepted

Warning: Subversive to the Religious Mind. Reader discretion is advised.

I think one clear sign of a man having entered Spiritual Maturity is that inferior expressions of God's image lose their appeal.

Take, for instance, the image of an emaciated (or overweight), hurt and confused run-away Prince sitting under the sanctuary of the Tree. He sits there, observing things, until suddenly stricken with pang after pang of covetous envy at how innocently and joyfully well-fed his neighbors were.
This free-joy of theirs demonstrated the presence of universal worth before God, which was surprising to the skinny-fat young prince, since they'd then appeared quite a bit better off than he did, and this though they'd been far less materially prosperous than his own personal "lineage" in the eyes of "the world" had afforded him the "privilege" of considering himself. Uh oh!

Seeing their greater enjoyment of all this freely-given universal joy, …