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A Wild Thought About Hope

Just had a wild thought. I remembered in Genesis when God said, "but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat from it you will surely die." Our Ancestors BOTH ate from that tree. Even being in denial of ones own ancestral relation to Adam and Eve does nothing to change the clear historical record of the death of all of the descendants of men on Earth, so we've all come from a history of DEAD ancestors.

Can a dead seed ever produce life?

If a dead race were to have any hope of one day becoming alive, there'd be no other hope than the hope of someday somehow being resurrected! Our only hope in life is to triumph over death; any genuine good news would have to at least first BEGIN with resurrection, because having all inherited life on Earth through human ancestors who die, true and all-consuming joy would require that we, at the very least, live out of reach of ever being defined by any of our ancestor's failures.

If we were assured that we were indeed set apart from any generations past, and that not any of the lives of the ones who came before us serve to speak of our fate, then we'd truly live in hope knowing that not even an entire genealogical record of dead-ancestors can defeat God's own personal faith in the eternal life that Jesus' death crushing work of salvation today affords us!

Our confidence in God's own defiance against our death is what living a truly empowered life-style demands and supplies!

So there's plenty of "good news" in the discovery of our having been "reborn" through our inclusion in the Life of Jesus, who was resurrected from death by the power of God. He was resurrected in revelation of God's OFFICIAL decree concerning EVERY dead human! All Death Obliterated.

His resurrection announced our personal inclusion in the exact same Life that the dead body of Jesus inherited from His Father, was revived by, and was returned to God's Throne in heaven as a result of.

Indeed, Jesus' death was God's personal entry into the same dead-condition we OURSELVES occupied, and in Life's Source entering that dead condition we occupied from birth, His resurrection from that death likewise resurrected US, freeing us from death and fate, revealing OUR inclusion as the SAME Life He lived together with The Father from The Beginning!

Good news, but of course, nothing new as it turns out someone already said this in 785 BC, a Hebrew man named "Hoshea" (Hebrew for "Salvation") wrote, "He will revive us after two days, and on the third day He will raise us up so we can live in His presence."

A wild thought indeed!


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