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Perfect From The Start

To abandon fanciful ignorance and take even the slightest action from a place of accepting, approving of, and relying on what is indeed TRUE in the present moment honors God. A movement that's in honor of the adequacy of the truth memorializes God's enduring goodness in this, His eternal present moment! Life's response to THIS manner of action is favor; His favor accomplishes far more towards the end of assuring our next season's gains and harvests, than even the most elaborate, well-planned, well-funded, will-backed effort to attack, sever, and escape what "bad" we'd encountered and accepted as being a part of our God-Given circumstances on planet Earth!
Often, things in time presently appear to "fall short" of the Glory of God on Earth. God is Spirit, and often something physically present on Earth appears to be standing at odds with what has been declared as true by God. In ever such circumstance, the Truth of what is True remains unhindered and God Truth remains. Even in the absence of visual confirmation, and even in moments where He seems to call things that aren't as though they were, there is no argument against His acting according to what is true in Heaven.
It's typical for things on Earth to employ our senses to communicate to us a sense of there still somehow being the lingering presence of some wrong. ANY belief in the lingering presence wrong, even in the slightest, would totally nullify our own belief in the integrity of God's rest. How could He be resting like everything is okay if not EVERYTHING is okay?
You now see, it is His rest that justifies our own;
And it is only His rest the world ever argues against the righteous integrity of!
Many a time, it is His rest taking expression in me as my OWN rest that has come under fire and been pressed against and tested most in this world. People in lack of justifications for resting because of their attachment of so many good things with the idea of "work" in hopes of somehow tricking themselves into now-finding work attractive (or at least holding the delusion of it's attractiveness for long enough to get through the shift as one who's in peace). You can smother that fruit with as much nut-butter as you want, but you aren't going to change your dog's aversion towards apple but merely train him to value the peanut-butter THAT MUCH MORE as now, it's evident that it manages to even make this... this... FRUIT *yuck* actually taste.... edible. Wow! Rub some sugar on it and whoo-hoo! It's Jambalaya!
So whatever false sense of wrong still still lingers in the moment, has, like a headless chicken already breathed it's last. The source of life that had been sustaining it's presence in your life has already been cut off. As surely as Jesus Christ of Nazareth died and was risen, the source of life of every "headless chicken" has been cut off. For us to attempt to kill or remove it, or for us to contribute any further effort towards the end of limiting it's effect or nullifying the effect of it's presence would be to claim COMPLETE DENIAL towards the sufficiency of God's own WORK through Christ Jesus and is actually to be seduced towards agreeing with the one who argues against the integrity of God's right to rest upon His Throne. Jesus' finished work is what justifies God's right to rest, rule, and reign.
So considering how thoroughly God defeated every shred of darkness, negativity, flaw or inferiority in your circumstance, it would be senseless for us to treat it and approach it as if it is not already perfect, regardless of what messages our senses may receive, our hearts respond to the messages our Faith broadcasts and receives. Our embrace by God who is the Truth has ignited an echo in our Spirit's that has nullified the appeal that judgemental falsehoods and putrid 1-star reviews once held.
Messages concerning our own sufficiency now occupy our mind, alive in us even in the midst of apparent contradiction, just as we once remained unsettled even in the midst of apparent good. Spiritually, we've been separated from the thoughts about the moment we once held.We have no further use for ways to discount, degrade, and discredit the perfection of things in order to justify our use of them or classify them as being in our price-range. By your own conciousness of the Truth, we're fee from all that distracts from God's assurance of our complete perfection in this present moment (Paul even wrote this from Jail!) The bad we consider ourselves to be associated with (via the circumstance) in the moment is nullified and disproportionally eclipsed in every way by the Good that's inherent in God!
So as we do what we do and profit every day, my advice is that we remember this: Every detail of any successful redemptive effort would need to be measured perfectly in advance, and undertaken perfectly from A to Z. #perfectfromthestart


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