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Counterfeits Not Accepted

Warning: Subversive to the Religious Mind. Reader discretion is advised.

I think one clear sign of a man having entered Spiritual Maturity is that inferior expressions of God's image lose their appeal.

Take, for instance, the image of an emaciated (or overweight), hurt and confused run-away Prince sitting under the sanctuary of the Tree. He sits there, observing things, until suddenly stricken with pang after pang of covetous envy at how innocently and joyfully well-fed his neighbors were.
This free-joy of theirs demonstrated the presence of universal worth before God, which was surprising to the skinny-fat young prince, since they'd then appeared quite a bit better off than he did, and this though they'd been far less materially prosperous than his own personal "lineage" in the eyes of "the world" had afforded him the "privilege" of considering himself. Uh oh!

Seeing their greater enjoyment of all this freely-given universal joy, …

No Badong!

Humanity being forgiven of every action it's ever taken in ignorance of our true identity means the bad things we've seen and heard people do as human-beings no longer define us! We are defined the God-Kind; We're defined by His articulate and skillful engineering of our design and our redemption. God's own righteous response to every bad thing ever done in the whole of His creation that is today defines us; God's own crucifixion on behalf of the misdeeds of the entire human race is what today defines us!

Being forgiven of every ignorant action that's ever been taken in our bodies means that our bodies are now freed from the harvest of our wrong actions! We're finally freed from a negative expectation to reap the harvest of a deed sown by the flesh, because in Him, we are in the Spirit. We're completely freed by the continual harvest of His Righteous Action on our behalf! Today, we can all afford to stand before God in a sinless condition, as Holy Ones …

His Innocence Becomes Her

Their proving her violation of their Law did not justify any judgments against her, because it was their "Law" itself that had an offense committed against it. Their law had been offended, not necessarily they themselves. Had they agreed with the Law, consented to it, willingly submitted their hearts and minds to it and knew themselves only in accordance with it's words, seeing these words as though they were alive and living, obliging to them as to a loving parent, helplessly consumed and hopelessly dependent on the heart and soul of it's voice... Thanking the source and author of these words for it's impact on their lives, as thanking the Spirit for life itself... Had they seen obedience to the words of their Law as their sole-source-- as the initiator, maintainer, and the defender of their social and economic abundance and provision, if they'd credited their faithful allegiance to their Law as being the stable source of every needful provision in their li…

The Meta View

Being conscious of what makes something dis-satisfactory won't detract from your desire to engage it. Restrictions, limitations, criticisms, snide remarks and negative advertising are all worthless; their words may make people feel one way or another about what they do, but they're totally powerless to change what's being done. Only our understanding guides us, we aren't led by bit and bridle but from within by a conversation steered by our knowledge of the truth.

That something is beneath you does nothing to break the attraction of it's appeal unless you are firstly known as from above. Hating or tagging negative labels won't detract from their appeal until knowing our own selves apart from them. Have we ever seen ourselves apart from those false and temporal labels? Do we recognize where we end and those labels begin? Jesus sees you freed by God from every distorted, inferior word, label, or expression in life because only Life's creator defines Him, and …

Buff Jesus

"For physical training is of some value, but godliness (spiritual training) is of value in everything and in every way, since it holds promise for the present life and for the life to come." -1 Timothy 4:8 What good are muscles when the storms and floods of life sweep by? When smiles turn to glares and our senses no longer confirm cause for hope in being loved-- What hope is there in the external world when our inner-mind's occupied with distracting conditions of the life the world associates with the human flesh.

What good is the world's intimacy when the pain of separation of our Perfect Father distances you from the completeness of your inner person? 

Cross-fit won't overpower the circumstances that leave our souls robbed of any viable evidence of being loved any longer. When memorized sayings, quotations, and love-songs of the world are all totally useless when the promise of our inclusion in the good of life is in question-- When we're in the depths of t…

Written in the Stars

The very Logic upon which humanity and all creation is based, built, and established, is now incarnate and alive again after death. He died for sin He did not commit. In that, He proclaims our total redemption from the sin we DID commit. In the same breath, He unveils His own official announcement of our Divine Sonship, and He did so from Eternity, even from before space and time began!

As first alluded to in the message written in... the stars by the very Hand of God Himself, who alone flung space into it's exact place and time, persuading us even more convincingly of the truth by words He Himself articulated, a message mirrored again in the whole of human history itself, recording it in a message further elucidated and confirmed by scriptures written in blood by saints, scriptures that put us in context and announced God's destiny for us as having already been fully accomplished for us by His Son Jesus, in whom He Himself lived and died on behalf of all mankind, thereby def…

Adam Chose Death, but Jesus Chose Life

The only reason people die is that they don't know better, and the reason they don't know better is because their parents didn't know no better neither... and their parents, represented by our collective fore-father Adam, who first failed to exhibit the glorious radiance of the mirror-image of God as a man. When he lost sight of the mirror reflection of His face, he disengaged his own capacity to radiate and exhibit the image for which His frame was designed.
The Word was in the beginning face to face with God. In this way, the Word WAS God. When we lost sight of our face-to-face equality with God in Sonship, the slippery slope and dyer climb of fallen glory erupted and ensued. Our fathers, unleashing this upon the Earth, knew no better. What was done in ignorance, God Himself suffered the final and complete consequence of that misdeed in order to remedy. By this action, He repaired the tear in our time-space reality and knitted us together with Heaven once more. He unve…

Hidden Gems!

I like songs sung with ecstasy as well as with understanding. The spirit and the word are one, but the word's complete containment and perfect expression of the spirit is what made it possible for us to connect and share the Truth! So without obligation, we engage our thoughts and apply our hearts, engaging the moment in the sobriety of spiritual certainty. No obligation, like seeds falling into the fertile-soil of a touched-heart or an open-mind. There it produces a harvest many times over and beyond the number of seeds sown. Putting the understanding of our Source on display displaces ignorance! It's how we shine together noticing that emotions do indeed pass. No matter how firmly held or rigorously protected or prescribed, everything attached to a temporary condition, along with the circumstances that produced them, has totally passed away. Everything, is temporal and has no further relevance beyond time, except of course the one enduring constant, which is, what God Himsel…

Unveiling the New Demolishes the Old

The value they show my thoughts is the value they show ME, which is the value they believe I show them.

Because I am at one with my thoughts, how could anyone who values my thoughts ever expect to be anything less than at one with me?

How can someone at one with my thoughts ever expect me to feel anything but oneness with them, along with the sense of holding like-value in their eyes?

Religion says you don't HAVE to value any of my thoughts, except they first be translated and repackaged in accords with whatever views were previously held concerning what it is that I reveal. A new order isn't something authorities of the old order willingly concede to, so the old is removed to make place for the new.

Just the announcement of the new has already brought the old to an end. The unveiling of the new was the announcement of the old's end. Whatever is impartial, incomplete, immature, or imperfect fades in glory and  passes away  from our attention. The new is what rises to th…

Getting The Point

Just as God separated soul from spirit and His children from the custodianship of their natural parents, we now enjoy in Him a reference to ourselves that displaces even the most glorious images of ourselves we've ever held. Any standing we've ever attained or hoped to attain in the mind of men on Earth is displaced by what's held in the mind of God in Heaven.
As for those people on Earth who've always legitimately esteemed us as highly as humanly possible, the ones celebrating us and loving us even to the same extent that they love their own selves, though there be no greater love than this, and these are indeed our brothers and our sisters, it still remains that it's only God Himself who occupies the sole and exclusive rank of being our Parent Reference.

What good things our brothers and sisters believe of us have weight only because their words are being backed by God's saying and believing the same! So each member of every family in Heaven and on Earth conc…

The Starfish

There's a word people use to describe every living creature of God possessing two sides to their physical anatomy, any creature with bi-lateral parts to their bodies. They're calling it "deuterostomia" in the world today, and in that way, we see the common relation existing between all creatures who likewise possess lateral parts, clearly distinguishable from all creatures who don't.God gave to humanity's forefather Adam the empowerment to do what God up until that time hadn't taken the liberty to do, and that is to name each of the Earth's living creatures.

Our Father had already called every star by name, and to us He gave to be on Earth as He is in Heaven in the naming of the physical creatures over which we rule. Our ruling over them is by our being the Highest, the pinnacle, and the zenith of all creation by virtue of Christ Jesus, the defining member of our Race and the Godship. In and through our position of prominence, we exercise dominion over…

The Custodian

Believing that he was "out of his mind," enabled his family to make mental calculations about him that justified their excuses as to why it'd be okay to take hold of him, subject him to their authority, enslave him to their own bondage to the law and exercise control over his life on his behalf. Not believing in his own ability to adequately exercise control on his own behalf, they sought to bind him to themselves and to be a law over him. It was, in their minds, for his own good.

When His family heard about this, they went out to take custody of Him, saying, "He is out of His mind." - Mark 3:21

Seems a bit severe of a response for a mother to have to a mature, adult, 30 year old, miraculously born, immaculately conceived son! But you have to understand, she believed there was precedence in defense of her responding this way. Mary was not one to soon forget the fateful occurrence of a young Jesus, not a day over 11, up and left herself and his father to travel …

Sons of Abraham

To owe something to somebody is to be obliged to them, and to be obliged is to be enslaved! "Against You and You only have I sinned, Lord!" Said David in response to the condemnation ignited in him by the Law's response to an offense encountered in his flesh.

Notice how we've all likewise responded in "offense" at things we've encountered in the flesh... Now notice how Jesus took NO "offense" at encountering the apparent "lack" of say... 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish relative... to the task of satisfying the demand set before Him of caring for 5,000 families, and feeding them all!

What an occasion to take offense at the promise of God and balk in unbelief! But continuing trusting God's promise to sustain us by His own hand, He had faith before even checking to see how much was physically present, and when He did indeed seek out and found what things WERE present, He thanked God for what provision was indeed there, knowing that Th…

Bar Hopping Mitzvah

We are value conscious beings; our potential is only determined by our ability to sense the value we contain! Our Maker's enablement to always sense this value in us is His reference of us being in Himself! We likewise encounter Him in our own selves, His own nearest and dearest reference!
To see in ourselves exactly what God Himself sees in us... seems upsetting to the rational mind! Are not the parents thoughts towards it's child unknowable to the child's mind? Are not God's thoughts higher than our own? Well as the rain closes the gap that separates Earth from Heaven, the words flowing from God's lips succeed in closing all the distance and completely saturating our wisdom seeded hearts. His breath endorses that wisdom as His own, and ours in Him.
Our capacity to contain just how valued we truly are is like drinking new wine: the degree of enjoyment is regulated only by how much of His gift you are willing to receive. In this case, above beyond and apart from ou…

Parenting: One oh One

That what they say about their kids always comes to pass doesn't necessarily prove good judgement. All the confidence they put into their efforts to control and predict our future behavior always causes them to act in anticipation of what they expect, sowing seeds in us towards the aim of bringing their desires to pass.

The child wants nothing more than to be faithful to the parent's image of them. In truth, it's the parents tongue that ignites fires facilitating whatever behavior they're speaking in anticipation of. Imagine the wildfire a small spark could cause? If kids have to wear leashes in public, their parents should have to wear a muzzle! But I digress...

Parent's seldom fail to find what they expect to find in their children. It isn't by some mystical majestic knowledge, but they carry an inward sense of what to expect from their offspring, based from their knowing themselves. Any authority executed by a parent is founded upon one claim: the blood cl…


No one has any Authority over anything unless it was first given to him from that thing's Original Author. If Cesar considered himself the "author" of the Roman Empire, it'd from the integrity of this claim that his authority would be recognized. Many submitted to the authority of his claim, as he'd demonstrated superior military, economic and political prowess to that of many nations. In that empire, it would have been our association with Cesar's name that would have determined how much rights we had in the empire. Of course, Cesar could never empower anybody with a right that he himself could lay no legitimate claim to, for instance, he couldn't empower someone with divine favor or eternal life, but for as long as Cesar himself lives, and your association with him remains active and in good standing, the empowerment of his name continues to sponsor your dominion over the other names in the region. To remain associated with him is to preserve your own …