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The Fall of Babylonian Baloney

God left no condition unsatisfied, so the drive to satisfy conditions can no longer be used to fuel mankind. If there's anything remaining "unkosher" for humanity, it's not in the realm of physical food or even our appearances or behavior, but what's to be avoided is a distorting man-made additive in the realm of the thought! That is the true leaven we need avoid, the true Gluten that Jesus proclaims Freedom from.

We are Gods. That is Final, as it's been from the Beginning. The only thing to be shunned and avoided, are things God's do not depend upon. What's to be shunned now is that very same thing that was once to be cleaved to and relied upon! It's not a sacrifice, it's the relief of what Apostle Paul described as "Cow-Dung" from having to be lugged around in our person ever again! 
Like an actor just moments after his show's final performance, it doesn't take any time at all to realize the old character he was is now obsolete. For all intents and purposes, in anywhere else except the context of the film itself, the relation between the man and the character is dead. Sure, it can be resurrected in a future role if the actor were to consent, but until that time, it's dead, and again only lives for the duration of the play. Thankfully God's life is both totally resolved, and never-ending.

Like with a Bird, the shell it was formed in was meant to be cracked. The mold ultimately accomplishes the function it served, and it's broken. The that was once lived in the mold comes to an end when the mold is broken, and the life in it is invited to enter new life, to never again to return to any such thing as that shell ever again, to be removed completely from the shell-life, not only being freed from the physical shell, but from every and any metaphysical definition of the functions shells shells serve! God said the bird was meant to be free from the shell, including EVERY definition of "Shell"! Because the shell was bad? No! But because the Life no longer requires it! 

Many go from the perfect womb God made for them, into some other womb of their own inventions in hopes of continuing to satisfy the function the womb (or the bird shell) once served. That's where cages came from! Metaphysically, on the highest level, every kind of cage came from this misguided pursuit to reconstruct wombs and shells and to somehow continue to satisfy the function they once served. He said "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the Earth!" but we said, "No, let's stay together like those Jackasses from that island in that Disney Movie Moana." They approach US as if it were somehow wrong that we were separated from those constructs! If God ever meant for mankind to be P****es, He wouldn't have allowed our Exodus from it's vicarious luxurious! By this very nostalgic comfort, we'd been kidnapped into infancy! 

Theologically and metaphysically, our race was seduced into an endless game of replicating the past, honoring fabricated traditions, dying like Fallen Adam's via every pillar definitive of mankind. We've been reduced to the results of our OUR efforts and the fruit of their OUR own harvests. A being of a race created to rule and reign along with the Most High! Reduced to dependence upon man-made systems of baloney and Babylonian bull-cocky! Why? Because God Most High not only removed the life from the shell, but He removed His Son from the Grave, and our heads still be spinning like whoa Nelly. 

Nelly... does anyone use her name as an expression anymore? How does that song from Nelly go again anyways... You know... the one that made her famous? I dunno. Well anyways, that's why we've got Youtube!


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