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It's YOU!

The Law and every stone-etched human governance system imaginable all share one glaring flaw: dependence on the belief of an assumed absence of sufficiency in ourselves!
That belief is the root of the fallen-mindset and the driver of all it's corruptions. Indeed, the temptation to believe the snake's lies about the absence of God's sufficiency are as subtle as they come. It's YOU, the One God made in His own image, who the accuser of God launches his accusations against!
When our consciences are afflicted by contradictions to our purity and wholeness in God's sight, by what authority are those accusations launched? We know it's certainly not by the authority of his own righteousness, the snake has none, so it's THE LAW itself that people find themselves condemned by. There's usually an incarnate person in their life representing acceptance by that law, some model who after having been measured up against, the snake seeks to make men aware of their "…

The Inno-Sent One

It's because of God's presence that we all experience how innocent we are; If you're feeling guilty, it is not as a result of your awareness of Jesus' presence, but on the contrary, guilt is the result of pretending He's not here.
Light is only for the purpose of revealing how perfect, mature, complete, and without flaw we are.
It has nothing to do with comparisons, it has no reference for fault-finding or assigning blame but like fire, it burns up the dross to reveal the gold.
The sun shines light to separate the night from the day.
Light is like the truth, it ignites our understanding of the unknown-- it makes of darkness a faithful-servant, like a bride's veil or a man with a gun keeping all the runners in their places until it's time for them to get on the mark, get set, and go.
Light doesn't degrade, but reveals all your distinctions and separates falsehood from the truth. It isn't a bull-shit meter, it's an interpreter of the truth.
Beyond d…