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The Inno-Sent One

It's because of God's presence that we all experience how innocent we are; If you're feeling guilty, it is not as a result of your awareness of Jesus' presence, but on the contrary, guilt is the result of pretending He's not here.

Light is only for the purpose of revealing how perfect, mature, complete, and without flaw we are.

It has nothing to do with comparisons, it has no reference for fault-finding or assigning blame but like fire, it burns up the dross to reveal the gold.

The sun shines light to separate the night from the day.

Light is like the truth, it ignites our understanding of the unknown-- it makes of darkness a faithful-servant, like a bride's veil or a man with a gun keeping all the runners in their places until it's time for them to get on the mark, get set, and go.

Light doesn't degrade, but reveals all your distinctions and separates falsehood from the truth. It isn't a bull-shit meter, it's an interpreter of the truth.

Beyond doubt, when you discover that it's TRUE that you are indeed perfect, mature, complete, innocent and without flaw... your former-pursuits of these things in life is replaced with the restful energy of total satisfaction, a pure energy that always succeeds in accomplishing far more than even the most motivated have-not's.

Motivation for our pursuits for will no longer be financed by fiat currencies; What valuable thing does a man have to give in exchange for God's Gift in us?

We all know this but darkness, under the guise of "protecting" us from exposure to the light, fears being "exposed" by the light and sells us that same fear. The darkness industry sells anybody ignorant of their ignorance in God's sight DISGUISES to wear. Wearing those disguises does nothing to change the truth of a man, but it certainly wears out that man's conscience because how he is seen affects how he sees.

Out of darkness' own deep-seeded fear of exposure, it finds fault with light and counsels us against going to it. When people feel ashamed of themselves, darkness lures people into conceding to it's "covering" Promising to accept you in spite of your supposed flaws, which were the very flaws we only began to recognize in ourselves as a result of having been distracted from the relationship we once had with the Light in the beginning. Before darkness introduced faults to our awareness of ourselves, we considered bathing in Light a luxury. Now, because something we're in the dark about concerning ourselves becomes something we misconstrue as a "flaw" in our "selves," we've been engaging ourselves as though we were "falling short" of the perfection demanded by our own conscience! We pay darkness guilt-money to keep us from our own awareness of ourselves.

Religion IS the darkness, and Jesus is The Spirit who reveals how perfect, mature, complete, and without flaw you are.

Darkness, assisted by attractive models perceived by our senses, sells us who we are as someone you've yet to become.

Darkness, assisted by fabricated misrepresentations of Christ, sells you that you're not good enough in God's eyes because of sin. However, Jesus Himself died on behalf of sin so that we'd know that we are indeed good enough in His eyes!

Darkness uses the ways our behaviors fall out of line with WWJD to seduce us into thinking it would be somehow dishonest or phony for us to continue to consider ourselves good enough for God. Faith knows that everybody is obviously already good enough to be whatever it was that God says we are through Jesus.

Jesus getting resurrected by God after humans murdered Him PROVES that religion is wrong, demonizing things God made is demented, and that it's NEVER PHONY to consider ourselves good enough for God!

He came back to life for us instead of leaving us swimming in our guilt. He is with us forever because we ARE good enough for God! Not because our behavior always justifies our right to justify our right to be Gods, but because HIS OWN PERFECT BEHAVIOR in redeeming our right to be called His own by giving His own life for us. God is Love. #darknessflees


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