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The Custodian

Believing that he was "out of his mind," enabled his family to make mental calculations about him that justified their excuses as to why it'd be okay to take hold of him, subject him to their authority, enslave him to their own bondage to the law and exercise control over his life on his behalf. Not believing in his own ability to adequately exercise control on his own behalf, they sought to bind him to themselves and to be a law over him. It was, in their minds, for his own good.

When His family heard about this, they went out to take custody of Him, saying, "He is out of His mind." - Mark 3:21

Seems a bit severe of a response for a mother to have to a mature, adult, 30 year old, miraculously born, immaculately conceived son! But you have to understand, she believed there was precedence in defense of her responding this way. Mary was not one to soon forget the fateful occurrence of a young Jesus, not a day over 11, up and left herself and his father to travel days, alone by himself, to be in the temple at Jerusalem. When confronted, the following occurred:

48 When His parents saw Him, they were astonished. “Child, why have You done this to us?” His mother asked. “Your father and I have been anxiously searching for You.”
49 “Why were you looking for Me?” He asked, “Did you not know that I had to be in My Father’s house?”
50 But they did not understand the statement He was making to them.
51 Then He went down to Nazareth with them and was subject to them. But His mother treasured up all these things in her heart.

As you can see, Mary took to heart what they'd then interpreted as Jesus' defiance to their "custody" over him. She saw him as one who rebels against the laws and customs of her household, which are the laws and customs passed down through Moses. Indeed, in her heart of hearts, she believed Jesus a sinner. Not merely a sinner, but a sinner who believes he is innocent and has the right to do what he does. Don't hail mother Mary. She's an example, but not a mirror. All those years later, she rolled up on a mature adult Jesus, armed to the teeth with her entourage (Jesus' brothers) and once more attempted to correct Jesus for thinking God Himself as His own Father didn't separate Him from subjection to her rule.

Never heard this version of the event? Even the most blessed of all mothers abused the very law Jesus came to free us from, seeking to enslave him to that law by characterizing him as immature, incomplete, and imperfect. The custodianship of parent over child as defined by law and tradition was meant for only a time and a season. When the child attained maturity, a date determined only by His Father in Heaven, the child is no longer counted the fruit of an Earthen Womb, but the child of Heaven. Looks like Jesus was counted as a Son in the eyes of God from the very womb and that though He was born of a woman under the law, He was always the Son of His Father in Heaven and subject only to His Father's Law of Perfect Liberty.

Just as they sought out to find and subdue their child, the young Jesus, in hopes of assuring His safe return to the place of subjection to them, they on this day insist on enforcing the same boundaries they set for Him then, on who He is NOW! It would be even more foolish now for them to attempt to subdue Him than it was back then when He was a child! But now they cleverly disguise their intent by playing the "He's Crazy!" card, hoping to legally gain custodianship over Him in that way. Just as He had the right to THEN act freely, as One under no law except that of His Heavenly Father, so too does He continue having that right today. Custody is a specific seizure of control that one legally exercises over another person. No human being has ever legally exercised control over another person in a universe where Jesus Christ is Lord.

So why do I write all this? Because Jesus is God's Message to us, because He reflects who we are in God's eyes. In Him, we see ourselves in the Spirit. Next time the world tries to bait you into coming under it's custodianship, know that custodianship is an exercise of immediate charge, as over a ward or a suspect, also translated as "safekeeping." Remember, You are already under God's safekeeping, the safe-keeping of the Good Shepherd... who gives His life for His sheep and the Father who gives His Life to His children. You don't need the so called "safe-keeping" wielded by the law, which is merely the legal right to take care of a needy child (such as a child whose parents are divorced). You're no needy children, God said, "You are Gods! All of you Sons of the Most High!" Because you are already under the care of The One whose child you indeed are, to be under another's safe-keeping would be like being kept in a prison or a jail! There's only one being in the universe with the right to call Himself the Warden of any prison-cell containing a Son of God, God The Father Himself.


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